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Different Ways of Creating Feature Wall Wallpaper


There are plenty of ways to create a feature wall -- whether it is the wall at the back of the bed, the stairwell in the hall, the fireplace in the living room, the empty wall in the kitchen or the one in the dining area of your home or apartment. The following are some novel ideas that will help you to achieve this.


o  You can wallpaper the entire area using a single design. Single walls can consume about 2 to 3 rolls of wallpaper as well can generate warmth, interest, and impact without overpowering the room and for lesser expense.


o  Wallpaper your alcoves on either side of the fireplace. You can choose to wallpaper the alcove's entire width or apply a panel or narrow piece on each side. Putting some beading frame around the wallpaper strip is going to make it appear intentional and not designed as a budget way to decorate! Otherwise, you can apply the background color of your feature luxury wallpaper to paint this wall, and then integrate both wallpaper strips in the alcoves to produce a stunning impact at a small percentage of the cost of wallpapering the entire wall. 


o  Horizontally hang your wallpaper, leaving some chunk of bright paint color in-between the wallpaper strips.


o  Hang a single strip of vibrant wallpaper horizontally down the same level as your main furniture, such as the uppermost of the couch or headboard.


o  Do not leave out the bathroom. It is the perfect room for a feature wall wallpaper since there is typically one that is rather bare and facing the shower spot. Just keep in mind to varnish on top of the wallpaper, especially if it is exposed to splashes of water.


o  Use unusual wallpaper as your headboard. Apply it at the back of your bed, from its topmost towards the ceiling, for an interesting and impressive headboard. 


o  Make use of wall panels to a certain area in an exposed plan living situation. Place a couple or 3 wall panels in your dining area or in some relaxed reading space, so that it generates a tiny separate area which is noticeable through its wall covering.


On the other hand, do not isolate your feature wall. If you have decided to apply vivid or stunning feature wallpaper on an individual wall, do not forget to keep the color, style, or pattern of the room in luxury cushions, lamps, vases, and rugs. so that the entire room will create an atmosphere of continuity and unity.